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I feel like a piece of garbage today… I’ve already had a break down and came close to an anxiety attack… I was informed I unintentionally screwed over 30+ people, just by standing up for myself. As if that wasn’t terrifying news. My boyfriend told me that I fucked up by doing so, following that by ignoring me when I felt like I needed someone to talk to. And now I’M just laying in bed as he sleeps… panicking… he won’t touch me, talk to me, try to work with me, and currently been walking away from me… I need a safe place… thanks for your time…



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Capone prided himself as a man with style. If he ever killed someone himself, or one of his henchmen killed an important person, hundreds of dollars worth of flowers was sent to the funeral. In one fight between Capone’s men and another gang, an innocent woman was shot, not fatally, and required hospital treatment. Capone personally paid for all the hospital fees. He also would pay for all children’s hospital bills when he visited.

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